Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 Month Check-Up

In case you haven't noticed the babies have grown. They have all made it onto the growth chart for newborn babies! Madison is in the 10th percentile for weight at 11lbs 12 1/2oz. She is in the 15th percentile for height at 23 1/2 inches... Yay, Madison!  Tyler and Carter are both in the 25 percentile for height at 24 1/4 inches.  As you all could guess Tyler is still beating his brother a bit in weight, he's 14lbs 15oz and in the 50th percentile.  Carter is not far behind though holding steady at 13 lbs 10oz and in the 25 percentile.  Way to go boys! All three babies are happy and healthy!  We are doing something right because so far no one has been sick.  Let's keep our fingers crossed with this RSV season nearing that these babies continue to stay healthy. The doctor was so impressed with our growth that he says we can move off the preemie formula to the regular formula with less calories, (yes we use Similac, but none of our formula was affected with this recall thank goodness).  I am so proud of my little munchkins and can't believe they are already 4 months old!  We love you guys!

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