Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is it Called Babysitting if You're the Dad?

Hello everyone! What a busy start of the week so far! This weekend was very hectic as well. Mom and I got to go across the street to my neighbor's baby shower and Jeremy had the kids all by himself! Everyone at the shower asked whose watching the anwser, their father of course! I wasn't too worried about anything because let's face it I would hear the sirens after all! When I came in I was surprised the house was dark...Jeremy and all three angels were asleep, (it was too sweet). Tyler laid across his lap and the other two sweethearts in their bouncers right next to him. I guess this time alone with the babies gave Jeremy some type of empowerment because on Sunday I had plans with my dear friend Shannon and Jeremy didn't want the kids to miss church. He said he wanted to take them and would meet me afterwards for lunch. Hesitantly I said ok, Jeremy loaded up all three babies got them safely to the nursery and afterwards back in the car. Shannon and I were a little late for lunch so I told him to just drive around until we got there.  Jeremy had other plans, he wanted to go get us a table. When we got there Jeremy had the stroller (bus) pulled up next to the table and waved like nothing was new. Little does Jeremy know that all this independence with the kids is going to earn him more time alone with them.  I think this dad is ready for a Girls Night Out!

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