Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tornado Warning!?!

I'm sure you want to know how does a mother of three 4 month old babies react to the tornado sirens going off, right? Well the first thing is stay CALM!  Grab the babies, nanny and pillows and rush to the bathroom.  Then the crying begins because, really, could you have this at any other time than a feeding time...of course not!  So I first checked to make sure I wasn't going to get swept away.  Next, I rushed to get the bottles (thankfully already warmed), I grabbed a flashlight, and now come the real necessities a bouncer for the third baby, my water bottle, and don't forget the camera (we had to document for the blog!) and lastly a stool to sit on because there is only one throne in the bathroom. Now we were as prepared as can be.  We first documented the occasion with photos, then fed the babies.  Thankfully this storm was traveling fast and when we finished with the bottles it seemed clear to come out because it was really hot in the bathroom with all five of us huddled.  We survived our first tornado storm without too much stress.  Now for the fun part... the pictures!

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