Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like Going Bonkers

Our first trip to an indoor play area was a success.  I had never heard of this magical place, Going Bonkers, until after having the brood, (go figure, right).  I do have to say I was a bit wary going in that the kids were going to be too small to do anything and that they were for sure going to get sick after touching everyone else's germs.  Neither of these fears came true!  They were apprehensive about the play area at first but it was a wonderful area were only babies 0-3 were allowed to play.  This is fortunate because of course we picked a field trip day....I can't even imagine how many kids were from this school!  We went and met a couple other triplet moms and had the entire toddler place to ourselves.  After our play date we had another adventure by taking 10 kids and 4 adults to Chili's for lunch.  The waitress was quite impressed with how well all the babies did.  Unfortunately, they didn't have 9 highchairs so since we were the youngest and we got to sit in the slings in our car seats, (this was ok with me...much less of a mess).  Sorry I guess I didn't take a picture of this, but as crazy as you can imagine it being, it was!  All in all we had a very fun day and will have to do again!     

Tunnel the babies got to crawl thru. 

This is where they learned to be brave!

Don't they look envious of how he is running?  Next time boys!

I promise they didn't cry the entire time!
Madison was by far the adventurous one...  ;)

Jeremy got the job of escorting Britton in the HUGE big kid maze!

Jeremy having a bit too much fun on the slide! 

At least he took a baby with him each time!

Not sure who had more fun but either way the babies enjoyed it!

Here is a link to the place we visited, I recommend it because it was clean, cheap and fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our First Mother's Day!!

I could not have asked for a better first Mother's Day!  First, I was served breakfast in bed while Jeremy got the babies up and fed.  Then we went over to Lolli-Pops house to celebrate and Phillip came into town with Averie and Rebecca with Jemma so Lolli had all three of her babies!  We had such a good time hanging out with all 5 of the babies.  Phillip even had the opportunity to change a poopy diaper...Yay Phillip!  Too bad pops had a cold he didn't get to join in our festive day, but we had fun nonetheless.  After we left Lolli-Pops' house we came home and used my new mother's day blanket to have a picnic with the babies and a watermelon!  The babies decided they LOVE it!  I first cut it into small pieces and they were all over it.  After that we got adventurous and just gave them a slice...All in all we really had a special day!  Thank you to my wonderful husband who loves me and the babies with all his heart!  He really proved this with all the special surprises he had in store for me!  I love you, Babe!  

Today was NOT the day for the best photos!

Look at what a big girl I am!

She was having no part in wearing this bow, i tried Amanda I swear!

She figured it would look better on Tyler!


So sweet!

He was having such a good time after he stole his
brother's, it was hard to take it back!

I love you Ballew-Berries! Madison, Tyler and Carter you are the most precious gift God has ever given me! 

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