Friday, October 28, 2011

Bill Bates Pumpkin Patch

This year the Texas-OU game fell on a very busy weekend for the babies.  We had three events during the game.  I had to make a very big decision when my grandmother called and asked if Jeremy and I wanted tickets to the game.  I was very grateful for the opportunity to go but decided our busy family day of pumpkins and parties was more important this year (oh how priorities have changed)!  I did however let Jeremy have a guilt free trip to the game with his friend (mostly guilt free I suppose)!  

We had such an awesome time at the PAMOM trip to the pumpkin patch with Rebecca, Jemma, and Lolli-Pops!  As with all the other important dates we've had these past few months someone has to get sick...this time I had the pleasure :/ I went home and had my fever spike making me miss the rest of the fun festivities.  Lucky for me, Lolli was a trooper and took the kids to both birthday parties! 

Madison loves her animals!

Pops loves his John Deer!  

Picture Perfect

Pops and Madison

A family divided...good thing they LOVE each other!

Carter getting up close and personal with BEVO

The kids all picked a pumpkin to take home!

16-17 month Pictures

We've had a very busy summer!  Finally we are all 3 mobile on two feet...most of the time!  The boys have decided that it was time to hit the road.  Now all they have to do is catch up to Madison...I'm sure they'll all be running before too long.  Now my only hope is that with all this new chasing maybe I'll be able to lose a little weight!  One can dream, right?

Peanut butter jelly time!?!

Mmmm mmmm good!

Another naptime treat...Carter sometimes gets lucky and gets up early

and ALWAYS loves the one on one time!
I put yogurt on his tray and let him go wild!

Such a sweet, she's getting this tantrum throwing thing down






DIVA! In Mommy's necklace 

Gentle Zoo

We found a cute petting zoo about 30 minutes from the house.  We met for a playdate with the Frias Twins, Key Triplets and Tew triplets.  We had a wonderful time looking and touching a few lucky animals.  They had a train ride, and bounce house and HUGE sand box.  I think Madison may have been in heaven as the only girl in this 10x10 sandbox!  She was for sure able to keep up with all the boys.  If you are near Forney and looking for something fun to do with your kids, please check out this awesome family run...Gentle Zoo!

A Multiplied size sandbox!

Getting behind the wheel early! 

Madison hanging with the boys!

About the best we could do and we are still missing 1!

Madison's favorite animal at the zoo, the dog of course!

This sheep was quite the character!

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