Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandma and Alana Visit

We were very happy to hear that Grandma and Alana got to come visit one last time this summer.  Here are a few pictures of them loving on the trio!


I could really get used to this...

Alana's SUPER splash!  I think she's in there somewhere!

On a calmer ride

Elizabeth came over for dinner and pool time


Such a BIG girl!

Chill-axin' for the ride!

15 Month Pictures

So let me just start by saying, I have been exhausted lately!  Turns out by allowing the babies more independence I am now required to be on my toes all the time...if it's not a baby I'm chasing after it's a mess I am cleaning up they've left in their paths.  With that out there, let me also state, I love it and couldn't imagine it any other way!  
Now that the weather is more bearable I've reintroduced the babies to the backyard!  I've also been able to open the blinds in the daytime without it raising the temperature in the house 10 degrees.  YAY!  This time of year makes all those hot summer days seem like a foggy memory.   As usual since I am behind on my blogging I will go ahead and add our 15 month check-up update.  The children are all doing great.  They still are not walking, but the doctor is not concerned with this at all.  They have all three made huge strides with this even in the past week; I think playing outside teaches the kids a valuable lesson--contact with the ground hurts!  They are really vocal these days as well and we are starting to understand each of them (at least some of the time)!  They play well together but it often ends with a fight over a specific toy. You might think I just need three of everything, but this isn't the case because they will only want the one the other baby has, this leads me to believe I am in for a world of trouble.  Now for the stats:  
Madison is 22 lbs 10.5 oz--50th % and 32 inches tall 90th %
Tyler is 26 lbs 10 oz--75th % and 33 inches tall 92nd %
Carter is 23 lbs 4 oz--45th % and 33 inches tall 92nd %

We've had lots of fun this past month so here you go!

At Indoor Safari Park with Elizabeth and Garrett
You can see Elizabeth peeking through the back window.

Goofing off on the fireplace!
Story time with Ms. K at the McDonalds

Helping Mommy! <3

A new favorite spot to take a rest!
I just LOVE them all!
Cute family shot at the pool
Swimming Lolli-Pops style!

PJ party at Going Bonkers
to make a
Carter refusing to take a nap got some fun alone time!

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