Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Fun

We have stayed busy this fall and have enjoyed every minute of each new adventure!

Since, it is March and I'm just now getting around to posting--it will be all pictures.  I'm sure nobody really cares much about what I have to say anyways! 

These first two are at a really cool place we found right here by the house.  Seriously 10 minutes away and it feels like you're out in the country!
Blase Family Farm

Being silly in the playroom.

Mommy's broken toe!

Something to pass the time!

Cage took a dive off the fort house ladder. :(

Tyler dressing himself
Madison just had to ride this pink haired pony!

No this isn't halloween or even her costume, it came from the dress up box, and we were headed to feed the ducks.

We got to spend a weekend with Daddy at his hotel in Fort Worth

This is a prime example of why my kids are huge!
Tyler and Uncle Joe

Another activity used to pass the time.

Pumpkin painting

State Fair of Texas Bound

We made it out to Fair Park twice this year for the fair.  This year's trips proved to be extra exciting as the kids walked and tried many new things!  Our first visit was special because Daddy met us out on a Wednesday afternoon!  We all had SO much fun and I'm very excited Jeremy was able to participate with his busy work schedule.  

First some of my favorite pictures from the Chinese Lantern Festival.  I've heard that it was brilliant at night all lit up but we were only able to see it in the afternoon.  Aunt Mary and I walked thru the exhibit  while everyone else went on to see other things.

If not mistaken this was made out of over 75,000 dishes.  It was so cool.  Im just trying to remember the number so I could be completely wrong. ;)

Loved these little guys, the kids would have been out there in a flash!

Madison was the only one brave enough to ride.  I guess that's okay cause each ride was $4-5 per child! 
We will be in some trouble next year, we better start saving now!

Little Farmers -- out of 10 pictures at this sign, not one had all 4 kids!
In this little town they put the kids to work, and after a hard days work they were given money to go spend in the little country store.  This was a hard concept to give up the money they had just been handed, but after realizing they got to keep the treat they picked out it was worth all the work!

Their favorite car at the Auto Show!

Stopped for one last photo op on the way out.

These kids love feeding animals!

Our second trip was with the Pace Family and as usual we had a blast!
Hope you don't want to see face shots we couldn't get anyone to turn around!

Oh wait, of course he looks up as he is being naughty!

The only sad part about fair season was that we didn't even stop to get a picture with Big Tex.  The first visit everyone was hungry when we arrived and we started out on our great quest for yummy food.  The second time we made a mad dash to the petting zoo before it closed down. ;(  Low and behold no one was able to foresee Big Tex's untimely accident that would take place on the last Friday of the fair.  Apparently, some of his updated wiring had a short that sparked, leading the way to a fire that engulfed his clothes and face before emergency crews could arrive.  This second link is to a video of the fire that someone had caught as it happened.  It is very sad, a true texas icon...RIP Big Tex  Ironically, Lolli, Aunt Becca and Jemma were at the fair the morning he caught ablaze.  They were able to catch some pretty memorable pictures of the funeral procession and the site where he once stood for 60 years.  As he so well deserved Big Tex rode out in style with police escorts and several long trailers to carry all of his body.

Lolli was very distraught this day because people who didn't understand the History behind Big Tex were laughing as this was happening.  She has grown up going to the state fair and he has been there since before she was born.
We look forward to seeing you again next year, bigger and better as always!
-- The Ballew's  <3 <3 <3

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