Friday, September 10, 2010

Play Time

Good morning all, today we have some pictures of the berries playing. I just love the "Bumbo" shots because it makes them seem so big! They are all doing good at playtime. We have trouble with tummy time but that's most likely because we don't do it often enough. Believe it or not it's difficult trying to schedule in time for that everyday. With that said they hold their heads up great; we will just have to work on those pre-crawling muscles. Tyler has learned how to pick toys up. Madison and Carter still need to have them placed in their hands, but once they get them they can hold them nicely. Their favorite toys are sets of keys you can see them in the Bumbo picture.  Also we received a green frog at one of our showers that plays music and the cheeks light up, they love this thing! It can stop all screaming, it's great! Madison and Carter love their Ocean Wonders bouncer seat. It has an option to let the child make the music turn on. I'm certain they don't know how, but they both get so excited when they jerk and that music turns on or changes. You can even hear Carter laughing (may just be baby noises but I think it's giggles) while he's sitting in the chair by himself.
 I'm sure I'm biased, but don't they have the cutest smiles?   

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