Monday, August 1, 2011

Out and About

These past couple weeks we have been very busy...We've been to story time at the Rowlett library, Willowbend Mall to see circus clowns and Berenstain Bears, the splash park at Harry Myers Park.  We have really been trying hard to beat this heat but lately its been tough to do! Thankfully we have found many indoor activities and water to splash around in.  We even figured out ways to make eating at home fun!

This is our new art project for desert.  Mom let us play with our yogurt...we even got a few bites in our mouths!

Here is where we went to see the circus clowns at Willowbend. Erin brought Garrett and Elizabeth and we met a bunch of our neighbor friends and our friends from PAMOM!  We had a whole group and we got there early enough to sit on the carpet.  It got so crowded though that we got blocked in.  We sat down there for almost 2 hours!  It's a good thing they gave us some fun hats and mom brought lots of snacks!

I'm not sure what scared her, but
 Elizabeth was having nothing to do with these clowns! 

My kids however thought they were really interesting!
Harry Myers Splash Park with Elizabeth and Garrett, the Cox quads, Hickey triplets, Tew triplets and Britton, and Key triplets! Yes, this is 6 mommas and 19 children...I can only imagine what the other moms at the park were saying about us!

Who needs a splash park when you have a mud puddle?

Madison's ingenious way of telling me she is finished eating.
If she didn't look so cute I might be mad because I had just washed her hair! 

A room with colorful mats on the floor...$100
Many, many many toys to fill it...$250
The toy your sibling is playing with...Priceless!

Pow-wow in the kitchen

New hats from the Berenstain Bears to all who showed up!
Tyler loved his and the other two wouldn't wear them!

I guess he's not a giraffe man!

Seems to be taking after his Uncle Phillip,
 with the hat covering his eyes!

Need I explain this?  She must have seen something shiny!

Or they just think everything is a comfy seat!

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