Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On the Road to South Carolina!

We weren't sure if we were going to make it to South Carolina because of Jeremy's work schedule, luckily at the last minute we took off for a quick visit!  Traveling 1,000 miles each way with three toddlers was not high on my "fun" list of things to do but we bought a DVD player and loaded up.  Logistically getting 2 adults and 3 toddlers in the car is tight, but traveling across the country adds a new element.  I'll just say that we all fit, very snugly, and we even had room for the trusty wagon!  The kids did amazingly well.  We stopped for a night in Atlanta on the way there to get the kids out for a break.  I had already hyped myself up to hiding in the bathroom while we waited for the kids to fall asleep.  Luckily we found a suite and the kids had their own room to set up camp!  We were able to take the kids swimming and the next morning went out to explore Centennial Olympic Park!  This was a great time for us all to be out of the car!  On the trip back home we made the trek without any stops.  We traveled all night long and by the morning the kids were ready to be out!  All-in-all the road trip part of this excursion wasn't that bad.  We all had a great time with the family in South Carolina, and are already planning our next trip this summer! Look for more posts soon about the fun trip!

View of the camp out from our bed!  Look at Carter in the Back tent!
I promise they really don't mind these and they're so easy to travel with!
Just so you know, each comes with an air mattress and a sleeping bag...
Jeremy kinda wishes they had these in adult sizes well extra tall of course!

View from the front door, Madison in the front!

The kids loved the fountain show!

Add caption

Impossible to get all three to look!

It really was a beautiful park!

I love this picture!

I guess I would be scared of the giant too, but it was really funny!

One really large Christmas tree, I told Jeremy I wanted a pic
of the entire tree.  He was not pleased at how far back he had to move.

but look how beautiful it is!

A few pictures from months 18-19

This was in November and December.

Play date with 5 sets of triplets and 1 big brother! 

Trip to Santa's Village 

Santa's Village with Averie
Carter staring down the sea turtle at the Aquarium

Here we were wishing Alana a Happy Birthday,  you can see
they are always interested in the phone.  When Alana would talk they all
three had huge smiles!

Playing on our new swing set, the sandbox is definitely a hit!
Thanks Bubba and Grandma! 

More backyard fun!

What a cool leaf!

Christmas Morning

We had a very busy Christmas this year with the babies and all of our family in Texas and in South Carolina!  On Christmas Eve we had lots of food, chatting and White Elephant fun!  Not sure what happened to all the pictures but I seem to be missing a bunch. :(  Here are a few shots from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Dancing around on Christmas Eve 
Ride 'em Cowboy!

Goofy boy!

They took Pepa's hat and had a great time!

Something shiny straight ahead!

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Lolli thought it would be funny to wrap barbies,
Jeremy will be happy it wasn't well received from Tyler!

I love this smile! I wish his eyes were open!

And of course the paper was a big hit!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Halloween Fun

So let me start by saying, if I didn't have my hands full before I certainly do now!  Note that today is March 9, 2012 and I am just now posting our Halloween fun.  The babies I mean, toddlers are so busy these days!  I find myself swamped ALL the time.  As many of you know this cold/flu season has given us a run for our money!  We were sick for over a month straight!  I will talk more about that in later posts, let's just get to the fun stuff already!

For halloween this year, Aunt Becca made us Flinstones' and Rubbles' costumes.  We had an awesome time at the Heights Baptist Church  Fall Festival and had a Halloween Party at The Tew's.  The Ballew-Berries have decided candy should be an everyday are they wrong!  Jemma came trick-or-treating with us as well and let me say we received plenty of looks!

Before the Fall Festival-they don't really
seem to understand what's up just yet!

Carter was having NO part of giving up this ball he'd been given!

Pure Cuteness!

We couldn't get any of them to crawl thru, but it was a good try!

I think he was surprised to see the camera had followed!

The clouds make this picture look so dramatic!
I <3 these two!

You want me to what?

I guess this one wasn't as cool as the ball, he threw it in quick.

So that's how you make them pass out?!? It's a good thing we brought nighttime diapers and jammies, we didn't even get out of the lot!

This was at the Tew's Halloween Party!
Oh what fun...

Now that's a lot of kids, my hat's off to
Angela and Chris for being so brave to host the fun!

Owen's Pumpkin Patch, the trick is to go October 30th!

Need I say anything?

Such a goob!

Just comparing rides!

Aunt Becca made the girls' outfits, I just LOVE the tutus!

Going on a hayride, so much to see!

This is what I have to work with!

I mean come on stay still!

And we're done!

Tyler is going to love his one later!

Look at Carter's hand!  He's born a longhorn!

Great big spider

This is why October 30th was good, they said take as many as you can!

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