Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Meal

Just before the big feast!

Mommy's making all our yummy goodness,
today we have sweet potatoes!

We started the babies on solid foods this week!  Jeremy and I wanted to start with vegetables so we picked carrots and sweet potatoes.  It worked out perfectly since sweet potatoes are a traditional Thanksgiving dish.  I have never really enjoyed them but I guess the babies take after their Daddy because they LOVED them!  I had a fun time making them...we were a bit confused starting because the baby food maker did not come with many instructions but after a few tries we got it!  I guess they think people wanting to make baby food are naturals, (and it turns out we passed the test)!  
Yes, I did taste them to make sure they would be good for my little connoisseurs.  

Madison before...

Anyone want a kiss?
Madison after...
Tyler's first bite

the aftermath 

Content as can be
Carter is really interested in this new orange stuff!
Carter's first bite.
Do you think he liked it?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Have SO Much to be Thankful For!

We had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with the babies!  First we went to Lolli-Pops on Thursday, then we had another feast at Sherolyn's house on Friday evening.  The babies got lots of hugs and loved all the extra attention.  Mommy and Daddy filled our bellies with lots of good treats and loved all the extra hands for the babies.  Thanks to everyone who helped feed and hold the babies while we had such a good time!  We are so thankful for the best family and friends ever and all our many blessings we count each day!  Today the babies are staying with Lolli-Pops as Jeremy and I head to the farm with Rebecca and Travis.  We are going to fry up another couple of turkeys so that we can have plenty of leftovers to feast on for a while! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...we love you!  We miss everyone who could not be with us this year, we are thinking about you at these special times.

Pepaw showing off his Great-Grand Kids!

The Men of The Watson Family

They weren't sure which camera to look at!

Just being cute!

At Sherolyn's on Friday, this is definitely the way to travel,
who needs porta-cribs?  Let's see if I can say that in a few

Watching football with Pops and Pepaw...

Watson portrait....

Looong dinner table

Pepaw and his Great-Grandkids 

Ballew-Berries and their cousin Tatum

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Month Check Up a Success

We went to see Dr. Granger today, he was very excited about the babies growth!  They are all right on target for their actual age.                               

  • Madison-14lbs 14oz--25th percent 25 1/2in--50th percent
  • Tyler-17lbs 14.5oz--50th percent 26 1/2in--50th percent
  • Carter-16lbs 3oz--25th percent 26 3/4in--60th percent
We will begin feeding them fruits starting this next week.  So look forward to seeing some flavorful messes in our kitchen! I'll be making their food so I'll let you know how that goes too!?!  Dr. Granger says all three kids are doing excellent and he looks forward to seeing them at their 9 month checkup. Unfortunately for the babies, they did have to get 4 shots today, but like the champs they are it didn't seem to phase them too much.  Jeremy also got his T-DAP shot so I was the only one who got out of the office without a band-aid!  (Lucky me!)  Here are some photos of the Ballew-Berries!

Three rosy-cheeked
babies at the doctors office.

This picture is from earlier this month,
 but I just LOVE it and wanted everyone to see
Tyler and Madison having a little pow-wow.

Carter found his feet and
Madison looks like she's ready to crawl. 

Madison trying to crawl out of the doctor's
office before the shots begin.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Months Old!!

I can't believe it has already been 6 months.  It seems like just yesterday we were leaving the NICU for the last time and driving home with our very special cargo.  Jeremy and I are so blessed to have three--beautiful, happy, healthy babies.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us through these first 6 exciting months.

The Ballew-Berries are at a very adorable stage, they seem to be noticing each other.  They are gaining more control everyday, I can hold something in front of them now and they'll grab it.  They're now rolling over on a daily basis.  Madison rolls over on her belly in her crib, she's learned the quickest way to get my attention is to roll over and scream (I can't help but to come fast)!  I love it when they stare at one another and start to smile; although I can't help but wonder if they are plotting something together.

We go for our 6-month appointment in the morning, so stay tuned for their newest measurements.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the House that Great Great Great Great Grandpa Built

Jeremy and I took the kids down to Emory, Texas to my parent's farm.  We had such a good time with the babies out in the fresh air.  Now those of you that know me, know I'm a city girl, but Pops loves the farm and had such a great time sharing it with his grand-babies.  I know there will be many more exciting trips.
Growing up I remember stories about the "old house".  My great great great grandfather built it for his family in 1871.  Since then, many in my family shared good times in the house.  One of the more exciting stories is that Jesse James spent a night in the house.  I'm not sure if they knew who he was at the time, but kind of exciting nonetheless!

Here we had Pops help spoon feed the babies.  He was excited to see his babies doing such a good job.
He did question how much of the cereal actually makes it in their tummies. 

Notice the boys in their cute camouflage outfits...we changed Madison out of hers before she ate.  Unfortunately, it seems we don't have a picture of her cute outfit...I will be putting it back on her tomorrow and taking one even if it's staged!  She had camo on too!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bubba and Uncle Jason come for a Visit

This past weekend was special because Jeremy's father, Bubba, and brother Jason came to visit.   (Sorry for the late post I had technical difficulties getting the picture up). We had a great time watching baseball with the babies! Mark got here on Thursday afternoon and Jason came in late Friday aside from it being too short we had a great visit.  On Saturday the men went out and ran errands and found a way to incorporate a trip to Best Buy into the mix (we did have three men together).  I think they had a fun time! Saturday night we cooked pizza and wings while watching the Rangers.  The babies love sports already, Jeremy is so happy!  The guys had to leave Sunday afternoon but we got a couple of good pictures of each of them with the babies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pictures

So this year we did not take the babies out trick or treating because of the dreaded RSV time. I got home just as the trick or treaters started coming by.  Of course it was feeding time for the babies so we set them up in the playroom, which is our old dining room and I fed the babies while Jeremy passed out candy.  I could see the kids from where I was sitting One lady came by with her kids and asked Jeremy if we were the ones with triplets.  He said yes and she told him where they live if we ever need anything...I tell you we are famous in this neighborhood! We did dress them up as M&Ms and took them across the street to our neighbors driveway for a few minutes.  

So here are you little M&M loves!  Which is your favorite color?   

Ballew-Berries Rocking the Highchairs!

So we started out feeding in the Bumbo chairs, but have now moved the babies to the highchairs.  I still think they are a bit too small, but adorable nonetheless!  These Chicco Polly chairs have really great features, we can lay the babies in them while we eat dinner and this even soothes Tyler's dinner time tantrums.  Now they are big and we have had to rearrange the sitting area but so far so good.  

Lounging while we eat dinner and of course
ready for the photo op!

Carter getting ready he was
trying to pull the table closer to himself.

Tyler not quite sure what we were doing to him,
but he figured it out soon enough.

Madison--bright eyed as always!

Now Carter's ready
we had to move the bowl out of his reach.




Tyler's thinking he can do this better than me!

So he took the spoon...

Now if you'll notice the spoon is empty!  This would be the perfect
opportunity to tell about how advanced he is...but in reality
he spilled it all over his lap!  Great try though, Tyler!!

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