Sunday, September 5, 2010

Madison and Carter come home

On June 12th Madison and Carter came home from
the hospital. It was sad to have to leave Tyler but exciting that two of our babies were coming home. Jeremy and I packed up what seemed like months worth of stuff, (it's amazing how much stuff little people have) and set off on the 25 minute car ride. It wasn't too far into the ride when I told Jeremy I couldn't see the babies and we needed to stop and check on them. Jeremy without any hesitation pulled over the car and we both got out and looked at the babies. Amazingly enough they had not moved! So back on the highway we went. A few exits down the road one of the babies made a noise and Jeremy and I looked at each other. Jeremy was ready to pull off again and asked if I wanted to. With my bravest face I said, "Nope, we're gonna have to get used to driving and not being able to see them so we might as well start now." We made it the rest of the way home without too much of a commotion. Once we got home we didn't have much time to show the babies around their new pad before it was time to feed with that never ending 3 hour feeding cycle. Afterwards, the babies were exhausted from their long travels and passed out in Madison's crib but not before they scooted closer to one another. It seemed they missed being squished next to one another.

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cywatson said...

They look like they're holding hands and their outlines look almost heart-shaped the way they're lying. This is such a cute picture. They are so precious!

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