Monday, September 6, 2010

Swimming at Lolli-Pops for Labor Day

Today we had a great time! The babies got to go swimming for the first time with their cousin Tatum. I'm not quite sure they knew exactly what I meant when I said lets go swimming, but if no crying means they had fun...we had a blast! We put Carter in first, he was a bit puzzled by the soggy diaper feeling. Next came Madison, after the initial shock she seemed happy. Now Tyler as usual had to have his trademark squeal but I think he really enjoyed it as well. We will have to try this whole swimming thing again, too bad we waited until the end of the swim season to try it out.  Over all, we ate too much food while relaxing and visiting with all the family. Thanks Lolli-Pops for having us all over! Now hopefully the babies are ready for a long night's rest.


cywatson said...

Looks like the Ballew Berries had lots of fun swimming at Lolli Pops house today. They sure are adorable!

Melissa said...

I'm so excited you are sharing your journey with us! The Ballew-berries are amazing and growing so fast!! Thank you and miss you!

Annillo Family said...

Great job on the blog!! So excited to read it!! They are the cutest triplets ever!!!

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