Monday, October 8, 2012

Yesterland Farm

What a cute crowd??

I went with my neighbors down to Canton to visit Yesterland Farm.  One word to describe this place is AMAZING!  So of course we had to come back and this time we made it a family affair!  Lolly-Pops, Aunt Becca, Pepa And my Cousin Amanda and her whole family came for the fun.  We found a great deal on Living Social so the tickets were cheap!  This place has a picnic pavilion and they let you bring in your own food, another plus.  They have 15 mechanical rides for toddlers and I wanted the kids to have this so we had to splurge on the $15.00 wrist bands.  This part was an expense but overall the rest of the budget friendly activities made it worth it!  The farm has PLENTY to do without buying this band but I wanted to see the kids ride rides.  
Overall Madison was the ride champ, followed by a very close second, Jemma.  I think Jemma was getting tired at the end of our trip and refused to ride the train.  Next in the running was Tyler, he was apprehensive about all the rides but quickly realized he was having fun.  Now Carter was a different story, he didn't want to get on any of the rides.  He cried for everyone but the tears soon turned to unease and finally joy.   Carter did make his brother cry for some of the festivities but I think next year they will both LOVE them!  
After we rode each ride there was plenty more fun to be had.  We pet animals in the petting zoo, we climbed all the playground equipment, we got lost in the corn maize, we watched the pumpkin launch and the corn shooters, we had a picnic and last but not least we watched the pig races!  There was still plenty more that the big kids did that we didn't get around to, like face painting, a huge bounce slide, potato sack races, and even rubber duck races!  This place could seriously be a two day trip!  Now for the fun part, PICTURES!       

Madison seriously loved every ride!

Carter rubbing off on Tyler!  
They love fire trucks not sure why this is scary!?!

Sweet Jemma enjoying it!

Its a swing kid!

I figured the boat would be a hit, not sure how 
Tyler managed to get his entire pant leg wet though.

Don't rock the boat Jemma...Look at Madison holding on tight!

Tyler had a blast while Pepa pushed him on the swing.

The boys LOVED this house.  
Pops I think we'll need a log cabin at the farm!

Pepa thinks the boys didn't pull their own weight on this one!

Again, the boys refused to Mommy got a free ride.  

And then another!

Madison and Tyler were the only brave ones here!

So Mommy gets another not so comfy seat!

This was a little teepee.  The kids played in this for a long while!

Watching the corn launchers!

About to brave the Corn Maize!

Are we out yet?

We cornered them in a dead end to see if we could get all eyes!
Tyler had nothing to do with this picture.

Carter pretending to not have fun!

FINALLY, the last ride of the day!  
Now isn't that smile worth $15?

I think the ADD travels between them!

Now Madison

and Jemma

What, a picture with all four looking?!?!?
This must be a fluke!


LadyJack777 said...

Awesome this place!!

LadyJack777 said...

Awesome my comment even posted!!

LadyJack777 said...

Awesome this place!!

bubba said...

Thanks, Laura. what would I do without your blog? Would have loved to share in even one of your great outings.

Laura and Jeremy said...

We miss you guys Bubba and sure would love to have you here! The blog is hard to keep up, but it always makes me happy once it's done! I'm glad I'm getting caught up and get to share some happy smiles with everyone! We love you!

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