Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visit on a Firetruck

Just took the kids to Target, we were running low on everything it seems! As we left we saw a firetruck. I walked the kids over to wave and the sweet fireman motioned us closer. He asked the kids if they wanted to get in and even let them try on and play with all the stuff. Madison had the biggest smile on her face the entire time. Tyler played with a flashlight and was not pleased to leave. Carter was also very curious about all the tools and stayed busy buckling the seatbelt.
To my surprise after talking to the firemen we realized that one of them was Fireman Scott who put our first infant car seats in while I was pregnant. It was nice to get to see him again. He's seen the kids a few times but it has been a while so it's nice for him to see how much they've grown. The kids had a great time exploring the truck...Thanks to the caring men at the Rowlett Fire Department for a great experience!

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Anonymous said...

I love Fireman Scott. He's so nice.

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