Monday, October 8, 2012

Arboretum Pumpkin Patch and Chihuly Exhibit

Just another outing in the life of a MOMma!  

Two moms, seven children, (all under the age of 4 might I add) two wagons and a picnic lunch--sounds like a fun time, right?!?

Today we decided the Dallas Arboretum would be our playground.  My neighbor, Jackie had her normal three children and the trio and I had an addition to join in the fun, Curtis!  First, we had to load up the van, having the extra seat up adds a level of difficulty for entry and exit in the minivan.  I'll have to keep that in mind while thinking about adding to our family!  Regardless, we managed to only leave a few minutes past schedule.  Since we chose a Friday, I was expecting a crowd, and as you can see all the random people in the photos my theory was correct.  Nonetheless we had a great time and luckily all made it home with only a few mishaps--a little mud or pumpkin gunk never hurt too much; we all had a great time!  The trio is really getting good at walking on our outings.  I'm not anywhere near brave enough to chance not having the wagon by myself, but it's much easier to pull without any kids!

This just seems like trouble to me!  I promise none of our children
made it close enough to touch the art! 

So ready for freedom!

We escaped the wagon and now all Mom wants is pictures!

Which one of these should we take home?? 

Cinderella's carriage.  So much to explore!

My pumpkins found a pumpkin mountain!
Picnic lunch, I gave you the chance to move Jackie, don't be mad!

This was beautiful!  I wish I gotten a better angle.

Notice the terrain in this picture,
nothing will keep this Momma from getting her babies a good view!

They loved the "fishies"!

Our final picture of the day--this was very neat,
 but you can tell the kids are tired!
I was even able to get some solo pictures of the trio thanks to the extra adult hands!  I must say they were very excited for these individual pictures, just look at the grins!  

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LadyJack777 said...

We did have a blast!!! The pumpkins were everywhere and fall was definately in the air. The Arboretum is beautiful this time of year.

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