Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Time Fun

Here is a bunch of catch up photos...

Some fun at Shennanigans

Art time!

Double fisting!

What a mess!

Clean up time

Wylie Library Summer Reading Party

Breakfast date with Alania!

Maddy and Daddy

Thomas time

Julia's Party at Bounce U

Snack time!

You can tell we had fun, 
look at sweet Tyler!

Terrible twos?? Triple trouble!

Backyard fun!

Even Mommy gets to have a good time!

More choo choos

Movie Night in Mommy and Daddy's bed!

Chicken legs!

Father's Day at Pepa's!

Tyler and Pepa

Carter and Pepa

Madison and Pepa

Now this is a couch full of smiles!

Father's Day with Daddy

<3 <3 <3 <3

Sweet cheeks

6 years ago Mommy and Daddy got married 
on these'd think they could at
least sit for a second!

Tyler being silly!

July 4th fun...Daddy bribed them with a snow cone!

Madison ate ice cream 

The best family picture we could get!

Ballew Girls!

This was from our first go round of potty training...they look
 like pros, shockingly it didn't work.  

Daddy asked me to get the kids away while he changed the filter.  My response was sure I can but you know that for the next few years they will want to be little helpers with everything you do.  After a huge sigh he let all 4 help!  It must have really exhausted them...

Alana and Daddy needed a break!

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