Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We had a great time at their birthday party this year!  After changing the date twice because I first scheduled it on Valentines Day and then the City of Rockwall forgot to mark out the date of their annual Founer's Day Festival, which of course was our next pick.  Once again we got to have the party on my birthday weekend (another example about how EVERYTHING is about the kids). :)  We ended up with a big room at the Rockwall Community Center and were able to have a blast with lots of friends, family, food and FUN!  This year's theme, Tutus and Choo Choos, turned out as cute as can be.  All in all, I think the kids had a blast and the party, a complete success.  One word for anyone throwing a party in a large open area, BALLOONS!  We had a couple extra packages and they couldn't get enough!  We also played some games with a parachute and the 2 year old version of Limbo which means to walk under a decorated pole.  As usual Rebecca completely outdid herself again with the cakes...they were both Amazing!

Pre-party story time with Uncle Jason 

Madison's TuTu cake...this cake was so YUMMY!

Tyler and Carter's Choo Choo...this was a huge hit
with the kids! 

Madison all decked out!
Carter playing with a balloon

We got the tutu's from Halo Heaven

Easiest buffet ever courtesy of Chicken Express! 

So I guess we wore them out?!?

You'll have to excuse the pink hearts,
he's gonna love this picture later!

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