Thursday, October 11, 2012

28-29 Months

Here are more random pictures of our busy lives with the trio!

It's funny how I say busy and then show a picture of Carter chill-axin, huh?!?

This is a Barbie Jeep we got for free off my facebook group, she said all it needed was a charger, we bought the charger and it still doesn't work.  They love to sit in it at least!
Who says, "Three is a crowd"?

Playdoh time

So this is showing our newest transition with the cribs.  Madison is still the only one to have climbed out so I thought I'd show them by lowering the mattresses all the way to the floor.  Well, as you can see, this turned into them sliding the mattress out and a "hampster ball" affect with the cribs.  I have once again outwitted these 2 year olds by laying cabinet liner on the floor under the mattresses and anchoring the cribs to the wall.  Oh the lengths I'll go to to preserve my 3 hour nap schedule!  
I mean five isn't too old for cribs and naps is it?

This is Madison and Tyler's room on that first day.
Of course I wasn't happy to go in on day 2 and find Madison free again!  She and I have since had a heart to heart and she stays in now!  Another win for Mommy, at least for today!

Here they seem angelic...

Dinner date with Alania and Cage.

This was our first visit to Yesterland Farm, the kids walked the entire way thru the corn maze.  They also carried their own cups!  Such big kids!



Waiting for the Pig Races in our front row seats!

Playroom fun

We got a Rosas about 15 minutes from the house, this was opening night when we went to eat and took 5 children and 4 adults.  Rosas has now decided to invest in more highchairs!

Yesterland Farm, look at all three of them climbing up that fence!

This is one of the 4 playgrounds at Lake Point Church.  They have 2 indoor and 2 outdoor where you can go play for free on Mondays and Fridays. 

The toddler indoor playground at Lake Point!

I missed the cute one where they were off walking side by side. :(

This is our fort we built while the kids were sick and stuck inside.

Madison worn out after destroying the fort.

Our neighbor, Alania's birthday party!

Dancing with Minnie Mouse

Cupcakes!  It was funny Jackie brought Cage a white with white icing cupcake then brought my kids chocolate with red icing...let's just say that was quickly nixed!

Their first lineup!  What a crazy crew!

Daddy may kill me for this, but I just wanted to show what a hard worker he is, even at home!  I told him Madison would let him borrow that blanket for work! <3

Pops and 4 of the 5!

Another dinner date with Alania!

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Bubba said...

I know there must be "times", but, life looks so wonderful. Wish I could share in more if it.

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