Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Haircut!

OK so I wont lie, I put off getting that first haircut for a long time!  We waited for grandma to come so that she could be a part of the fun!  I did a lot of research because I wanted the "first haircut" experience.  To much dismay on my part; I learned that you pay an average of $18-$23 per kid for that oh so neat experience!  There are some places with multiples discounts, but let's just say my cheap self was quite shocked! I decided on Cool Cuts for Kids which was $18 per kid with no multiples discount.  I am however Internet savvy and found a "1st time customer" coupon of 5 off each kid!  Yay me!  So it turned out not being so terrible...lets just hope I get good at cutting hair!  
It was hard to cut off Carter's long, beautiful, blond hair and Tyler's sweet curls, but Madison's wasn't as bad (because we didn't take much off hers at all)!  We started with Carter and I had to sit down after that first snip.  I told the lady I just wanted to trim it up a little, and to my horror--that first cut was no trim!  I couldn't even watch as she started the other two.  Carter looks the most changed with his new do!  Tyler's baby face is still very prominent.  Madison came out with even more of her diva personality!  Overall I was very pleased with the cuts, even though it was much more than I asked for!  The kids looked adorable when we left for all of 5 minutes until we got to our swim lesson and messed it up!  Oh well there's always next time!  

Doesn't he look 5?
I see a future longhorn in this boy!
Hook 'Em Horns!


With a purple glitter star!

Unsure about this!

Look Mom, no hands!

A very cool train table with the tracks all attached!  I need one of these!


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