Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random pictures for their 5th month birthday!

Tyler after a very tiring bath time experience.

Carter looks like he is wiped out too!  These robes were given to us by a good friend, Rebekah.

We were at Lolli-Pops house, luckily we had a matching bow for Madison, it seems to complete the ensemble.

The babies were wishing their Grandma a happy birthday, not that it needs much explanation!

Averie is holding her cousin Madison.

This was at Kim and Rob's wedding, not exactly sure why, but Tyler is the only one we got pictures of; I swear I'm not playing favorites!  We are so happy for you Kim and Rob!

These next pictures are from our first time in the excersaucer!  If I do say so myself my kids are pretty cute!

Tyler wasn't quite sure what to do at the beginning so he was just sorta hanging out.

You know Madison is a ham for the camera.  She was having a good time though.

Here I was trying to be artsy with my photography skills.  I was trying to get a smile in the mirror but alas it didn't work.

Carter was the most playful in the excersaucer.  He was reaching, grabbing, and slapping all the toys.  He was the best at getting the different things to make music.

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Becca said...

I see you have taken my advice and put more photos in your posts! I love it and I'm sure all your other readers will also.

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