Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Picnic

We decided Sunday lunch was going to be picnic style this week.  My dad picked up the grub and Jeremy and I brought the house.  I said to Jeremy as we were leaving, "It's funny we are going to have a picnic and our entire SUV is full and we don't even have the food".  We packed up Bumbos, blankets, chairs, car seats, babies and one large diaper bag, full with all the loads of stuff they need to eat and set off on our journey.  We got to our desired destination and set up the sight waiting for Bobba, Lolli, Rebecca and my cousins, Kassie, Kim and Rob (Kim's fiance).  Of course Pops had to make fun of all the stuff we brought, but I think this may be the first time that we used everything we had!
First we set the babies up for their much loved photo sessions...yes I have them sporting their Texas gear, it is football season and we won't be getting out much!

I have to show off her Little Diva longhorn outfit!!

Don't they look like little sports announcers!

Then Kassie came to meet the Ballew-Berries for the first time!  She was a bit hesitant but I convinced her she wouldn't drop one.  I coerced Rob, Kassie and Kim to feed the babies but I did help a little with the burping.  The babies were very happy with their cousins!
It's never too soon to practice!

Three full, fat and happy babies...
Thanks to everyone for such a good time at the picnic, I hope it was a relaxing, refreshing break for you.  We love you all and think about and pray for you everyday.


Becca said...

I like this post. It might even be my favorite so far!

mhb610 said...

Looks like a great day. You 5 have so much fun. It will just be a few days untill I come out there. Hope the weather is great so we can do something while I am there. Glad to see that UT came through against Nebraska. Can't say the same for Carolina or the cowboys (note small c).

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