Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If You Tell Amanda She Can Take a Picture

Amanda and Jay came by to see the babies today.  She inspired me to write a post based on the books by  Laura Numeroff in her, If you Give...series.

If you tell Amanda she can take a picture,
she'll ask you for outfits for each baby.
When you give her the outfits,
she'll want a bow to match Madison--
and pants for the boys to make their onsies look nice.
Then she'll need the Bumbos for the babies to sit in,
she'll then need a blanket to cover up the Bumbos.
When you get the blankets and Bumbos
she'll decide to take them outside.
She'll set them up and then need some decorations,
a pumpkin or two, small bag of candy, any fall symbols will do!
She'll empty the bag of candy, you'll have to pick up the bag. She'll set up the candles,
and you'll have to get her matching tea lights.
Once she's all ready to go, you'll have to get the camera.
She'll want you to take pictures, but the babies won't smile.
To get the babies to smile, you'll have to go find a toy.
On the way to find a toy,
she'll decide she wants to be in the picture.
Once you return you'll have to make everyone smile.
She'll probably get bored and want to take her own pictures,
you'll have to give her the camera.
After she takes some pictures,
she'll want the babies inside--
you'll have to clean up the big mess.
Once the babies are inside, she'll probably want new outfits.
When she's finished dressing the babies...she'll want you to blog about her big fabulous day.
And chances are, once she reads the blog, she'll want to take another picture!

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Becca said...

My favorite is the one where Tyler is looking down at all the candy. It is super cute cause he is the cubby one! I think Amanda had some good ideas, aren't you glad you made the mess?

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