Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon...

Our first spoon feed was a success!  I waited all day for Jeremy to get home from work eagerly anticipating the upcoming experience.  When he walked in the door I asked him if he was ready and he said, "For what?"  Ohh I said, "Haven't you been thinking about spoon feeding all day?"  His response...well let's just get to the pictures!

We set the babies up in their Bumbos on top of the kitchen table, I know we broke the rules, but we were careful and watched them the whole time!  Jeremy picked out the ABC bibs, which now I'm afraid may be permanently discolored, but well worth the fun!  We took before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Don't they look so sweet and clean?
Madison's first bite!
What in the world are they doing to me?
Tyler's first bite.

Give me some more of that stuff!
Carter's first bite.
Tyler sucked his thumb the entire feeding.  Maybe it helped him suck his food down.
Carter a bit puzzled as to what we were doing at first, began to really enjoy his cereal.

Madison decided to help me clean her face.  Apparently she follows in Pops' footsteps in the area of saving food for later.

Here she was just making a mess!

And the after shot, needless to say, now it is bath time!

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