Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Pictures from Jan.-April

I really am trying to catch up on this blogging thing.  I also downloaded a new app so I may be able to post pictures straight from my phone!  This could be good guys!!  Don't hold your breath though, these kids really keep me busy!

Madison looking fly after bath time!

Mommy playing with her new phone camera!  Pretty good
shot since I was on the porch and they were at the back fence!

PJ party with Curtis!

Sporting the ruby slippers, in the sandbox of course!

Britton told this guy he wanted to touch the alligator
at the children's aquarium.  Us moms just laughed, but
sure enough this man came back with a baby alligator!

Grandma and Tyler being brave!

This little fella was pretty quick!

Glad Madison had on those mud boots!

Little stinkers have learned to pull up the mats.
I laugh at this picture now, because they do this all
the time but, pull up like 6 at a time!!  UGH! 

My sweet dates for Valentines Day.  Daddy had to
work late so I decided to take them all out by myself.
I've done this several times since, people
look at me like I am LOONEY!

First ponytail, too bad she refused to look!

Now that's a TRAIN!


Way more fun to play with the feeder!

Not sure who wants out more!

Learning to climb the rope!  Carter was first, Madison
soon followed.  Tyler can now do it but it took him
some time!

And the messes have begun!  I remember this day well,
started out with cat poop in the playroom.  I'm not going to
tell which baby had smooshed it into the hotdog bun
and was about to start eating it until LUCKILY I walked by
and thought, that's weird they're all huddled in the corner...
ding ding ding, something's wrong!
Fine Mommy Moment HERE!

Poop in playroom, glass and mess in kitchen...
the backyard is safe, right!?!  Um, NO!
 I'm pretty sure this is the day this pot became a toy box!

At least this didn't make a mess!  

Tyler dressed for winter one last time, that is of course
with sandals! 

Chilling at the dallas zoo!  They must have worn these shirts a lot this month!

We lowered the swings now they can get in and out themselves,
best part is Mommy doesn't have to put the straps on them!

Yet another trip to the zoo!  This time we took Britton!
What's one more??? The swagger wagon comes in handy! 

This lizard was all over the place today!  The kids loved him!

Yes, I'm too smart for you babies! 
Swinging at the park!

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