Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Sick Babies...

Back at the end of January we noticed Tyler began coughing and had a light wheezing sound with his breaths.  Jeremy said I should take him to the doctor.  I fully believed he was fine, but turns out I was told we would be doing an RSV test and he would need to do an immediate breathing treatment oops good thing we went.  After a horrible 20 minutes of holding the mask on Tyler while also keeping the other two kids calm; the doctor came back in and dropped the bomb that the test was positive and after listening to the other two's chests he believed they would have it in the next day or so.  I was in complete shock!  We had been so cautious the first year but was told this winter we should carefully "live life".  On the drive home I remember stopping at Walgreen's for prescriptions and seeing the line of 5 cars in the drive thru.  This sent me over the edge, I called Jeremy crying and told him he had to leave work now.  Of course the bad news continued, 30 minutes later he called and said his car had broken down!  Could it get any worse?!?  Luckily a friend of mine was in the area and offered to pick up our medicine!  News was traveling fast and the phone just kept ringing with people wanting to help...thanks everyone!  Eventually, Jeremy did make it home and he was able to stay and help me some the next day.  We went to the doctor three times that week. :(  All, three babies did end up getting RSV with it settling in their chests requiring the breathing medicine.  For a couple days we were doing them every 2-3 hours!  We were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a couple nebulizers so I was able to have them all 3 going at once (at least until they got tired of that business and I had to hold the masks on again).  After getting over this, we were well for about a week before coming down with the stomach bug that just wouldn't leave!  I actually got sick first with this one!  It seemed like we just kept passing it back and forth!  As you can tell we all eventually got better!  
Thanks, again to everyone who helped us make it thru this tough month!  We love you so much!

This was the first night, I love this picture because
you can really see the concern on Carter's face! 

By the next day, Tyler was a professional...I do have
to admit TV was a very big part of
keeping them busy. 

Madison with her first treatment.  :(

Carter with his first treatment.

My refreshing beverage after a few LONG days!

Carter getting it down!

Madison as a professional.

This treatment was trouble because I was laying on the bed with them,
Madison on the other hand...

was busy causing quite the mess!
I'm glad that was a travel size!

We did a treatment before bed for a couple weeks
until they stopped coughing.

The Burr's Christmas toys were really handy at keeping them distracted!

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