Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Stop...Columbia Zoo!!

On our visit to South Carolina we stopped by the zoo with all the family!  We had such a great day and hardly even used the wagon!  The babies loved having all the extra hands-on attention...mommy loved not having to pick each baby up at every stop.  We were very excited to not only get to see the kangaroos, but actually venture into their habitat!  The Columbia Zoo has a wonderful walk thru kangaroo exhibit where we could almost touch the animals!  The Ballew's were not used to such a long, leisurely visit but soon realized why everything takes for forever with the trio.  After a long day of walking the kids seemed very contempt to get back into the car for the ride home...a very successful day at tiring them out!  
We had an amazing time with the South Carolina Family!  Thanks guys for the great trip!

Madison was really confused about why there was no glass...
she tried her best to get off the path! 

Such sweet cousins!  We are hoping to have all five cousins together
again this summer! YAY!!

This guy was just staring us down!

Madison very animatedly telling Aunt Da something great!

No purpose here, just thought it was funny!

She held onto these beads for the longest time, unfortunately for her
I think we left them there...

Tyler and sweet!

They walked the ENTIRE day, here we decided it may be time for a break.

DIVA in training!

Carter and Grandma!

This doesn't seem like an animal...

Just a wild bunch

<3 <3


They love feeding goats!  These fellas were huge!

This guy saw Tyler's buddha belly and thought
 he must have some treats stashed somewhere

Bubba and Madison gently petting the rabbit!

I think he wants one!

Alana tried so hard to get a photo!



and around

and around!!


They really liked these birds.

Alana the bird whisperer!

A little more comfortable!

One final group shot...they made me get in to wrangle 'em all in!

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