Monday, April 16, 2012

Ballew-Berries First Visit to Bubba's

On our short trip to SC this Christmas we took the kids to see their Bubba's house.  We took this opportunity to dress everyone up and take pictures!  Bubba had a wonderfully decorated tree and house.  I  have to admit I was a bit nervous with all the breakables...the kids did really great, to my knowledge nothing was broken!!  As the rest of our trip we didn't get to spend too much time there but we got plenty of good pictures of everyone with the kids!

chill-axin with Bubba!
Scramble time

Some of the Ballew clan!

Such a handful!

He really loves to share!
Grandma and Alana 
Bubba and Carter

Bubba and Tyler

Bubba and the girls

Bubba and Alana

Real men love pink!

Sweet family picture!

Are we done yet?

Come on already guys!

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