Thursday, June 7, 2012

Party Invitation Pictures

So this technically doesn't deserve it's own post but these pictures turned out so cute I just had to share.  We took pictures on two separate days for this because the idea was to frame them and hand them out at the party.  The first day it was a touch muddy and I didn't want anyone dirty so we dressed one kid at a time for their photo shoots.  The pictures seemed perfect until it came time to put them in frames.  I was stumped at either giving three frames to each person or giving someone a picture of one of the back to the drawing board.  We decided we needed pictures of all three on the train with Madison in her cute tutu!  I do have to say both days were a success for cute shots!  

No captions necessary these were all posed, lol!

This was the second set of pictures we took, this was after their first haircut!

This was the first round of pictures that Rebecca and I took.

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