Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swim Lessons!

We took three months of swim lessons at our gym!  They were actually pretty affordable as far as swim lessons go, and they even allowed me to be the only one in the water with all three babies.  Plus we had our own class so we didn't have to worry about any other kids!  YAY Lifetime Fitness...if anyone is looking for a gym this place is a touch expensive but we have found it to be worth every penny (let me know if you are thinking about joining, we both will get rewards)!  Now that I'm done with my plug...The kids practiced how to blow bubbles, jump in the pool, get their heads under water, scoop and kick among other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.  We had a great instructor whom the kids just loved, thanks Ms.  Nicole!  The trio is doing really well at the pools this year.  They aren't afraid of the water at all...which is of course sometimes scary!  We are so excited to have our neighborhood pool open finally!  Nana Dana came with us to the pool for one of our last swim lessons, she was able to get some great shots of the kids in the pool!  Please excuse any scary shots of Mommy in my bathing suit, lol!  Can I play the I just gave birth to triplets card still?  I think that's fair enough!

Getting our toes wet!
Kick, kick, kick!

She's by far the bast back floater of the three
It's questionable on whether he
was drinking the water or blowing bubbles....

Goofing around
After!  Love this face!

Can you see the jealousy?

Playing Ring Around the Rosy 
And the Tew boys wanted to join in on the fun!

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