Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Momma or Life Lesson?

I read everywhere that at around 10 months babies should start feeding themselves.  Trying to teach good manners early I gave them each a spoon and let them go at it... 

Looks pretty good huh?  Day 1 was a complete success.  Apart from a few dishes on the floor, cereal behind every ear and even in a diaper, (I have no idea?!?) and three completely covered bibs we all survived!  I could do this again right? Well, my plan was to let them feed themselves cereal every morning and I would continue doing the lunch and dinner; seems reasonable enough, right?  Wrong! These three babies took that independence with the spoon seriously, they wanted to feed themselves at every meal.  This wouldn't be so bad but like I said before cereal was everywhere! Who has time to clean up that kind of pandemonium three times a day?  Not me, thats for sure!  After several days of trying to keep up with the trio it was clear I may have started a bit too early with the spoon feeding.  On the other hand, the babies are doing great with feeding themselves solid food so maybe I'll try again with the spoons in a few months!

Hmmm...I wonder what she wants me to do with this.

Oh, I get it now!

Only the beginning

Which one should I choose?

Who can pick when you can have the best of both worlds!

Wow after looking at my pictures it doesn't really seem like that big of a mess!  Let me tell you pictures can be deceiving! 


Jeremy (babies-daddy) said...

Hey sweetheart! Let me tell you, these last few days off from work have really helped me gain a greater appreciation for everything you do. All I can say is you are a Super-Mom! I love you and thank you for all you do!!

cywatson said...

These pictures are too cute! Our babies are adorable. Love Carter's Popeye picture. Too funny... Glad I missed the clean up on this one but wish I'd been there to watch them!

Mel said...

Wow! These are great pictures! You are definitely a super Mom! Can't wait to see you guys in May!

LadyJack777 said...

Your kids are great and as anyone can see love the spoons and the food. Summer needs to get here so they can eat outside in the baby pool...I bet we can find you a cape that says Super Mom this Halloween...Awe isn't Jeremy sweet!

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