Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Month Pictures

As always a little late...

We've been really busy the past month...the babies are officially all mobile!  Baby-proofing the house has been one of our major projects.  Although not quite there, I think we are making some big steps towards being baby friendly.  We now have a fence blocking the playroom.  Jeremy has some time off work for the next week so we will be getting all the cabinets, doors and drawers locked.  We also had to lower the cribs because a certain boy named Tyler has begun to pull himself up when he is tired of sleeping.  It's really cute when he wakes up and does this...not the same story when he gets up before falling asleep; he hasn't quite mastered getting back down so once he's up he let's you know with a loud screaming fit (it's amazing the other two can sleep through these)that he's ready to get back down!  
Tyler is still winning the tooth race with a whopping 6 teeth, Madison now has 3 and we're still waiting for Carter to pop out his first!  In the crawling game Madison is the quickest little munchkin, she has gotten from one side of the room to the other in the amount of time it takes to pick up bottles and walk back to the room.  She has mastered the army crawl but still gets up on all fours from time to time.  Tyler and Carter prefer the traditional crawl and are moving quicker each day! 
We have been to a couple outside places like the Dallas Zoo and the Arboretum since the weather has been so nice, but I am so excited about RSV season coming to an end, this winter has seemed like forever!  We have gotten into a routine of going and sitting outside each evening with a neighbor of ours.  Slowly but surely everyone seems to be getting outside a bit more!  I can't wait to start setting up play dates with everyone we have missed for so long! 

Carter refused to take a nap one afternoon so he
got to sit in the kitchen with Mommy while I cooked
yummy baby food.  Does he seem to be having a good time? 

After the other two came to join, we all sat in the kitchen for a bit.
This was one of he last times I have used my beloved bouncer seats!
I am so sad that the babies no longer sit in them, one time shortly after this I came into find Madison completely turned around in her chair.

Luckily we haven't quite grown out of these just yet!

We take lots of walks to feed the ducks at the ponds by our house.
This gives Mommy her much needed quiet time!

What a great group of cousins! 

What a happy Lolli-Pops!

We went to the Arboretum with the Tew triplets and the Key Triplets.

Ballew-Berries and the beautiful tulips!

Carter eating whole green beans for the first time!

Such a big girl and she seems so proud!

Who would have thought Tyler would turn
out to be the pickiest eater?!?

I heard Madison being more rambunctious than normal one afternoon, I guess it's
a good thing I checked on her...this could have been a big mess!
Mental note--always put pants over diaper at nap time!

We are finally big enough to ride in our Choo Choo Wagon!
Thank you again Bubba and Grandma for the
wonderful Christmas present as you can tell we love it!

This was a practice run...we went down the
driveway and did a few circles in front of the house!

Now the boys will really be able to check out the kids skateboarding
in front of the house.  I think the stroller blocked their view.

As you can tell they are very comfortable in their new ride already!

Love this picture!

Now this was an exciting outing...we braved the zoo with
the Cox quads and the Tew triplets.  I'm very happy we aren't
big enough to get out of the stroller just yet, that is gonna be a
whole new ball-game for Momma! 

They really enjoyed looking at all the new stuff.  I think they may
have even checked out a few animals! ;)~

We got these cute as can be outfits from aunt Amanda!
As you can see we have worn them often...I swear my children have
more than one outfit!  

Our new big kid toys!

You can tell that they really love them!
Thanks Angela for the great hook-up!

Tyler is looking a little jealous of Carter! 

Me and my boys just hanging out in the front yard!

Feed us please!

Ok I'll smile for you...just get me some food!

Our first big kid pajamas!  Thanks Maggie! We sure love them!

So here we are another month older...our birthday will be here before you know it.  

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cywatson said...

These are great pictures. Love the one of all five of LolliPops grandchildren. What a beautiful group of well behaved children! LOL. Lolli loves Averie, Madison, Tyler, Carter, and Jemma.

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