Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Month Check-Up

We took the babies to their 9 month check-up last week and Dr. Granger is very pleased with all three of their growths!  The boys are the same height at 29 1/2 inches measuring in the 85th percentile.  Madison is a touch shorter at 29 inches even but is in the 90th percentile for the girls.  Their weights were a bit more shocking to me.  Madison weighs 18lbs 10oz and comes in the 50th percentile. Tyler is keeping the gap, he weighs 22lbs 4oz and hits in at the 80th percentile and our skinny man, Carter weighs 18lbs 14oz measuring in the 25th percent range.  We are very proud of our little angels.  I look at them everyday and think, where has the time gone?  Other than that we have stayed pretty busy mostly at home, I am taking the babies out for more walks now that the weather is so pleasant.  We are almost in the clear for the RSV season and it seems we have made it through so far with only a couple colds.  We had our first LONG night last night as Madison and Carter woke up several times crying because of runny noses. :(  
We are very happy that two new friends have arrived to play with the trio.  Happy Birthday Curtis and Garrett we look forward to meeting you both soon!

First bath...I only had two bath rings so I tried to keep a hand on Tyler.
Not the easiest of ventures and we found another way to make do...

Bumbo's have proved to be multi-purposeful! I think its easier to bathe
in the Bumbo, so I decided not to even get another ring.

They really enjoy splashing around in the water.

Who's that cute couple?  They look to be ready for a crazy night!
We went to the PaMOM Gala and had a wonderful time!


LadyJack777 said...

Dang girl you were rocking in that dress, you look amazing, hope I can lose the baby weight afterwards. Jeremy looks sharp also and the kids are doing so great. What a wonderful family. Now if we can find you a neighbor!! LOL

Mel said...

These are super cute!! Can't believe how big they are getting & can't wait to see you guys! You are looking great ~ so proud of you! Sending lots of love!

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