Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Picnic

Well the babies spent the night with Lolli last night, while Pops was at the farm.  Jeremy and I got to as usual run errands and shop for baby stuff!  Story of our lives, right?  Anytime we get free time this is what we do. My babe did take me out to a wonderful dinner and we had a very nice time eating and talking about adult stuff, (the babies may have come up once or twice). Today, Jeremy let me stay in bed and he went and picked up the little ones from Lolli's...on his way home I told him I had a surprise for him...The babies and I took Daddy on a picnic!  It was a touch chilly, but nothing compared to these past two weeks of crazy weather, so we put hoods on and off we went to the park!  They seemed to love being outdoors.  They kept glancing at the pond and the ducks.  I can't wait to take them here this summer.  We have ponds in our neighborhood all filled with ducks that love to eat whatever you have to throw!  I'm not sure who is going to fall in the pond first but I have my suspicions it will be Carter!  

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, we hope you have as much fun as we are having! Love You!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Madison, Tyler and Carter 
This could be a poster ad for the Peg Perego Stroller...maybe I ought to send it in, we could model our way to preschool!

Tyler was not going to smile for me today!

Brotherly love!

So hard to get all eyes open!

Love this picture, look at that pure innocence!

She kicks her shoes off as fast as I get them on!

And I think that means we are done!


Becca said...

You should have done a pic with the boy's jackets zipped! You know how much the grandmas love those jackets!

Anonymous said...

That would be funny...Lolli says they are alright now. I miss you, hope work is going ok.


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