Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl Fun

We watched the babies' first super bowl at home.  Jeremy and I made a BUNCH of food and probably ate more than we needed.  The babies had a good time because they got to play with their toys and watch TV!  I still think that Madison is the most focused on the TV.  I think she gets it from her Daddy, as soon as it is turned on she will do whatever it takes to turn herself around to stare at it.  All in all we were a touch disappointed by the commercials although some were really funny...but onto the good stuff here are some pictures!

Yes, I did put sweet Madison in boy's overalls...
but she made them look cute with her pink onesie!

"MOM?!? We're trying to watch the game here!  Enough photos!"

I think she is motioning for me to get out of the way here!

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