Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pictures

So this year we did not take the babies out trick or treating because of the dreaded RSV time. I got home just as the trick or treaters started coming by.  Of course it was feeding time for the babies so we set them up in the playroom, which is our old dining room and I fed the babies while Jeremy passed out candy.  I could see the kids from where I was sitting One lady came by with her kids and asked Jeremy if we were the ones with triplets.  He said yes and she told him where they live if we ever need anything...I tell you we are famous in this neighborhood! We did dress them up as M&Ms and took them across the street to our neighbors driveway for a few minutes.  

So here are you little M&M loves!  Which is your favorite color?   


Becca said...

It would have been way funny if you changed their colors for each picture.... Then people could say red was their fav and really it would be all three! You need me admit it, I have the best ideas.

Anonymous said...

You could have put the shirts on upside down and called them W&Ws. Now who has the best ideas?

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