Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ballew-Berries Rocking the Highchairs!

So we started out feeding in the Bumbo chairs, but have now moved the babies to the highchairs.  I still think they are a bit too small, but adorable nonetheless!  These Chicco Polly chairs have really great features, we can lay the babies in them while we eat dinner and this even soothes Tyler's dinner time tantrums.  Now they are big and we have had to rearrange the sitting area but so far so good.  

Lounging while we eat dinner and of course
ready for the photo op!

Carter getting ready he was
trying to pull the table closer to himself.

Tyler not quite sure what we were doing to him,
but he figured it out soon enough.

Madison--bright eyed as always!

Now Carter's ready
we had to move the bowl out of his reach.




Tyler's thinking he can do this better than me!

So he took the spoon...

Now if you'll notice the spoon is empty!  This would be the perfect
opportunity to tell about how advanced he is...but in reality
he spilled it all over his lap!  Great try though, Tyler!!

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Becca said...

I think Carter is starting to look like Pops... I love how Madison loves the camera, you should watch out for her or else you might have a super model in training someday. (It runs in the family....) Tyler is pretty advanced for holding the spoon so well, you should give him more credit.

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