Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Month Check Up a Success

We went to see Dr. Granger today, he was very excited about the babies growth!  They are all right on target for their actual age.                               

  • Madison-14lbs 14oz--25th percent 25 1/2in--50th percent
  • Tyler-17lbs 14.5oz--50th percent 26 1/2in--50th percent
  • Carter-16lbs 3oz--25th percent 26 3/4in--60th percent
We will begin feeding them fruits starting this next week.  So look forward to seeing some flavorful messes in our kitchen! I'll be making their food so I'll let you know how that goes too!?!  Dr. Granger says all three kids are doing excellent and he looks forward to seeing them at their 9 month checkup. Unfortunately for the babies, they did have to get 4 shots today, but like the champs they are it didn't seem to phase them too much.  Jeremy also got his T-DAP shot so I was the only one who got out of the office without a band-aid!  (Lucky me!)  Here are some photos of the Ballew-Berries!

Three rosy-cheeked
babies at the doctors office.

This picture is from earlier this month,
 but I just LOVE it and wanted everyone to see
Tyler and Madison having a little pow-wow.

Carter found his feet and
Madison looks like she's ready to crawl. 

Madison trying to crawl out of the doctor's
office before the shots begin.

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kim said...

Makenzie is only 15 pounds. Just had her check up last week. The shots were a killer! I don't know how you do all 3. I thought I was going to cry longer then her! She is rolling back and forth ... I think the girls are timing it well! I also make my own food. Do you use the ice cube trays and freeze it?? works great! if you do not do it already you should try it! You are doing such a great job with them! Keep those pictures coming!

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