Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Road Trip to South Carolina

Not sure how I skipped over this but I haven't documented either of our vacations from this past summer.  I came across pictures from our cross county road trip to South Carolina and Florida.  This was in late summer of 2012.  Lolli and I set off with the trio and Alana and headed to South Carolina for a few weeks.  We had many adventures while there including adventures to the lake, ocean, zoo, parks, play grounds, spray parks and everything in between!  Daddy was even able to come up for a weekend and spend some time with us in Charleston.  

Dinner time at Nanas 

 Uncle Jared and the jailbirds

 This day we went to a swimming area at Lake Murray.  This place was really fun and the kids liked floating out in the water.
Sweet Alana 

 Tyler, Nana, Alana and Red

 Kids playing on the porch yelling Hi to all the passing cars.

 We got a pontoon boat for the day and had quite the adventure out on Lake Murray!

 Alana and Aunt Da

 Kids look quite at home on the boat!  Anyone want to take us out?

 My sweet little boater!
 Sword fight!

 Here we went out for some adult fun in Charleston.  This was a fun rooftop bar!
 This was at the ocean, I think close to Charleston...

Classic picture!  Need I say more? 

 This ocean was perfect, it had a huge area where the kids could sit in shallow water and play in the sand.  This was a beautiful place!
 Hula dancer???

 Beach surfing!  I know we had some really cute ones of Madison but I cant find them...

 This was the pathway that lead us to the beach. Loved it!

Kids at the zoo.

 Just something to remember from the drive!

 The kids floating off the boat on Lake Murray
Tyler was a bit scared to make the jump.

 Uncle Jared finally coaxed him.

 Tyler finding a jungle gym in Nana's kitchen.

Spray park by Nana's house.

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