Sunday, March 31, 2013

And Finally Halloween!

I think after my 63 posts from October you all can gather that I LOVE fall and all the fun times it has to bring us.  Here is what I think will be my last post of our fall fun.  This year the kiddos were characters from the Wizard of Oz.  We had a really hard time getting photo opportunities with all the excitement.  All I can say is three kids is hard, throw in a cousin and its quite near impossible!  Just wait until next year when we have to throw the baby into the mix!  Here is the best we got! 

These are our new furry friends who came trick or treating with us this year.  
The kids had a blast with such big companions!
Dress up time!!

Don't I look pleased?!?  Yes, this will be one of the photos I share later in his life!

Hope Jessica doesn't mind modeling with us.  
I can't believe we got one with three of the four looking in one direction!

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