Friday, March 9, 2012

Halloween Fun

So let me start by saying, if I didn't have my hands full before I certainly do now!  Note that today is March 9, 2012 and I am just now posting our Halloween fun.  The babies I mean, toddlers are so busy these days!  I find myself swamped ALL the time.  As many of you know this cold/flu season has given us a run for our money!  We were sick for over a month straight!  I will talk more about that in later posts, let's just get to the fun stuff already!

For halloween this year, Aunt Becca made us Flinstones' and Rubbles' costumes.  We had an awesome time at the Heights Baptist Church  Fall Festival and had a Halloween Party at The Tew's.  The Ballew-Berries have decided candy should be an everyday are they wrong!  Jemma came trick-or-treating with us as well and let me say we received plenty of looks!

Before the Fall Festival-they don't really
seem to understand what's up just yet!

Carter was having NO part of giving up this ball he'd been given!

Pure Cuteness!

We couldn't get any of them to crawl thru, but it was a good try!

I think he was surprised to see the camera had followed!

The clouds make this picture look so dramatic!
I <3 these two!

You want me to what?

I guess this one wasn't as cool as the ball, he threw it in quick.

So that's how you make them pass out?!? It's a good thing we brought nighttime diapers and jammies, we didn't even get out of the lot!

This was at the Tew's Halloween Party!
Oh what fun...

Now that's a lot of kids, my hat's off to
Angela and Chris for being so brave to host the fun!

Owen's Pumpkin Patch, the trick is to go October 30th!

Need I say anything?

Such a goob!

Just comparing rides!

Aunt Becca made the girls' outfits, I just LOVE the tutus!

Going on a hayride, so much to see!

This is what I have to work with!

I mean come on stay still!

And we're done!

Tyler is going to love his one later!

Look at Carter's hand!  He's born a longhorn!

Great big spider

This is why October 30th was good, they said take as many as you can!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this, Laura!!! They are sooo cute and I'm glad the 4 get to have so much fun together :D Becca, those outfits are adorable, very nice!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kassie! It really is awesome that they get to be so close! I'm also very lucky to have such a creative sister!


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