Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ballew's Come to Town!!

Now if you look at the date of this post it may confuse you because as always I'm about a month (well month and a half) late.  I do have my triplets card in my back pocket I can pull out if needed!  We had so much fun and as I was scrolling thru my now huge back log of photos I noticed that it seems like we put the Ballew's to work as soon as they got here!  I mean they were entertaining, serving, name it, I think they accomplished it.  We got all of Jeremy's siblings in one state and under one roof for the first time in years!  The babies are SO lucky to have such a great family (my side included) :)~ to make their first birthday so special!  Thank you everyone for all your love and support during these first now 14 months! 

Picture of all the Ballew siblings...Take 1

and Take 2

Finally the 14th or so picture we took!

So Sweet we just need Alana in here and we have all 5 grandkids!

How perfect all 4 siblings and their babies!

Uncle Jason and Madison

Aunt Amanda and Tyler

Cousin Mikayla and Carter

Cousin Josh and Tyler

The Three Ballew Girls



Beautiful...must have been break time!


I guess Tyler needed a break!

Grandma and her MTC

Working HARD!

I even have Alana babysitting!

Teaching the babies about the love for UT!

I may have to call this playing, that doesn't look that bad...

Look at that smile!

He loves his triple-berries!

Tyler <3's Uncle Jared

Action shot!

And last but not least some great great help at the party!

We love you guys, can't wait for you to all come and see us again soon!

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