Thursday, June 9, 2011

Melly and Tim's Big Day!

We had a great trip to Austin for the babies' birthday weekend!  I was a bridesmaid in a college roommate's beautiful wedding.  Jeremy and I traveled without the babies Friday and had a fun-filled night without the little angels.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening with Melissa and Tim and many other friends from my old college days.  On Saturday, May 14th, Lolli-Pops brought the babies to Austin for another fun evening.  The wedding was absolutely perfect and afterwards we had an awesome time with lots of food, drinks and fun!  The babies even made it out onto the dance floor and were loving the awesome lights and music.

First dance as Mr. and Mrs. Nolan

So sweet!

Lolli and Carter

I wish I had one where you could see both,
but she looked so cute here peeping over his shoulder! 

Madison and Mrs. Smith

Ashley with Tyler and Madison with Mrs. Smith

Mommy and Daddy

The Powerpuff Girls! --  Love You Girls!

Angie and Celeste  -- Love you girls too!

Get your dance on!

Mikey and Kim

Crystal and Nevin caught the bouquet and garter!

The lights went down...

and people got CRAZY!

Adding a little cajun flare to finish it all off!

Thanks Melly and Tim for such an amazing weekend!  Jeremy and I decided it was our turn to drive with the munchkins so we traded cars with Lolli-Pops and away we went!  We made a few stops to rest and eat on the way home!  The babies even celebrated their birthday with a Five Guys stop for lunch!  Too bad momma fed them tofu and sweet potatoes and ate a nice big juicy hamburger in front of them!  To show how much I loved them I did share some of my fries! ;)~

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Mel said...

This is awesome & you got some great pictures! I have a few of Jeremy & Madison, both smiling so big! Tim & I were so happy that the whole family came & the Ballew-Berries were a BIG hit! We LOVE you all so much!!

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