Thursday, June 9, 2011

Children's Aquarium

We had our first trip to the Children's Aquarium with Rebecca, Megan, Emma, Jemma, Lolli and my trio.  We had a wonderful time looking and touching ALL the aquariums!  I will have to say this is a pretty fun place to be even when surrounded by students on field trips.  It was a cool alternative to the many upcoming hot days...I see more trips to follow here soon.  The babies really seemed interested in the aquariums.  Jemma was pretty excited about all the colorful fish too!

If only I knew what they were thinking right now!
Mom, can we get one? 
That thing is bigger than me!
Good thing he has someone so sweet to hold him he seems to be fading! 
Staring contest!
Does this really need an explanation?!?
Madison must be giving her lessons on how to be a HAM!

I really thought this wasn't real when I first saw it...
I was wrong!
Attempt at a family photo opt...
Becca, you didn't tell me Pops was coming?!?
Close as I hope I ever get!
Hmmm, Mom what have you gotten us into?
We attempted to get our birthday picture, this was the third time!
We eventually did find the perfect shot
I think I've seen that before...

Here with the Albino Alligators again

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