Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Fun

We have stayed busy this fall and have enjoyed every minute of each new adventure!

Since, it is March and I'm just now getting around to posting--it will be all pictures.  I'm sure nobody really cares much about what I have to say anyways! 

These first two are at a really cool place we found right here by the house.  Seriously 10 minutes away and it feels like you're out in the country!
Blase Family Farm

Being silly in the playroom.

Mommy's broken toe!

Something to pass the time!

Cage took a dive off the fort house ladder. :(

Tyler dressing himself
Madison just had to ride this pink haired pony!

No this isn't halloween or even her costume, it came from the dress up box, and we were headed to feed the ducks.

We got to spend a weekend with Daddy at his hotel in Fort Worth

This is a prime example of why my kids are huge!
Tyler and Uncle Joe

Another activity used to pass the time.

Pumpkin painting

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