Friday, April 15, 2011

One Month to Go!! 11 Month pictures!

We had a lot of fun this month...we are staying busier than ever with this beautiful weather and Daddy being home with us!  We love you all!

Look at that face on Madison,
do you think she has something in her sights?

Wagon ride to see Daddy working in the backyard!

So sweet...

At our first birthday party! Happy Birthday E Trio!

Madison admiring all Jemma's beautiful hair!

Need I say anything about this?

Jeremy and I hanging out at the fountain at the Arboretum.
He made us walk under the fountain luckily we didn't get too wet! 


Carter hanging out!

Tyler decided it was nap time then and there.

Jay teaching Tyler how to pick up chicks!

Carter and his Baby Blues!

So sweet!

Madison looking adorable in her 3 month outfit!

Swiper no swiping!

This is the closest they get to sleeping with us!  After diaper changes
we came to get Daddy up!

I've tried to tell him his
siblings are not stepping stones!

but he just doesn't seem to get it!

Did I do that?
Play date with our friend Alania! 

Seems like Alania said something very interesting!

All the triplets at the E Trio birthday party...What fun!

More pictures from the Arboretum,
our friend Curtis is the little one in front with Jemma!

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Mel said...

What fun times you guys are having! Love the pictures & seeing the E Trio group!! I can't believe how fast they are growing & cannot wait to see them again in a month!!

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